WHO we are

Our first studio was founded in 1991 in Glyfada, Attica and In 2017 we established our new branch in Adamandas, in the island of Milos.

Architecture has always been the center of our activity. Spatial programming, architectural planning, intensive research at all stages, emphasis on the process of construction detailing and materiality, ensure high quality works of architecture.

Being deeply rooted in architectural design and construction, continuously updating and training ourselves, our realm of activity constantly grows.

Highly skilled engineers of all disciplines contribute with their expertise in specialized fields, whilst our experience and compound knowledge enable collaboration with lawyers, notaries, finance experts and property developers that build a strong network for our customer’s support.



WHY aspect

We view Architecture as a developmental process, through which the creation of spaces aims at stimulating the senses, yet preserving emotional balance. Thus, Aspect architecture delivers contemporary buildings with a timeless quality.


Contemporary outlook


Architectural perspective


Construction detailing


Our team


Αρχιτέκτων μηχανικός ε.μ.π πολιτικός μηχανικός Ε.Μ.Π.

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